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Worry Free
Wedding Coordinator

You're Getting Married!

You've put a lot of time and money into creating that perfect day. And you want to enjoy that day. If planning your wedding was stressful, imagine what could come up on the big day itself.  We believe that all you should worry about is: marrying your amazing partner.  Everything else?  Back the Bride has you covered!


Why a Wedding Coordinator?

When people say that your actual wedding day will fly by, they're right!  It's a blur, and you're the center of attention - which means that you may not be able to attend to every detail yourself.  You deserve to know that your precious plans will be flawlessly executed. 

Think about it - do you really want to ask your family or friends to do it all?  They want to be there for your big day - but they really just want to have fun!  With a wedding coordinator on hand, they will.  A wedding coordinator oversees all the vendors and venue details, manages the event timeline, wrangles guests for photographs and other important moments, helps out in the bridal suite and deals with any last minute hiccups that are bound to occur.  Back the Bride has your back through it all!


I step in like a fairy godmother and POOF, problems are gone! In the meantime, your family and friends will be enjoying the day - and you will, too!




Hello Beautiful!

My name is Jenna

I am a huge fan of love and alllll the magical moments of your wedding day.  This is why I love what I do! I already had my memorable wedding day.  I want to ensure you enjoy every moment of yours.  

You deserve it!

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Wedding Party

Peace of Mind
& Memories

Peace of mind and being present are two things that every couple deserves on their wedding day! You have made it though the stressful planning process and constant decision making.

You deserve to hand your details over to a trusted wedding coordinator that will ensure you enjoy every moment of your wedding day!


Photos (and video) are a precious investment to remember your magical day.  This is why I love supporting your photographer on your wedding day by handling the dress details.  While they are capturing your candid moments, I ensure your dress is fanned out to show off your beautiful train, fixing your veil, holding your flowers, or holding your beverage! Whatever you need without getting in the photographers way.

It's your wedding day and the one day

in your life to spoil yourself!


“Jenna literally SAVED the day AND my sanity!!  She covered every aspect that I was worried about and things I didn't even think of! I didn't even realize all of the last minute stuff that would've possibly came up and did it.  She made sure our photos were ready to be captured from fixing my dress, to moving my hair around, removing things from the backgrounds that I didn't want in picture, making sure all the decor was on point, made sure the wedding party had everything they needed (even drinks!), captured photos that my photographer didn't, fixed my hair and makeup if needed, and communicated between all of our vendors for us.  She literally made sure everything was on point and went smoothly and it did! I honestly don't know how I would've had such an amazing wedding without her!"

Tanya & Ryan Wedding

I'm a fan of connection & communication, so let's chat!

I'm here to support you on your wedding day 

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