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Candid photo of Jenna and a client taking a selfie together.

Hello Beautiful!

You’re getting MARRIED! (*cue happy dance*) I can’t wait to hear all about your venue, your vision, the whole thing! I LIVE for the details.

15 years in creative production environments means I “get it”

Your wedding is a production - the flowers, the music, the favors -  all coming together in just the right way.  And with well over a decade of experience as a fine art and promotional model, I know what it takes to create that perfect scene. I’m comfortable collaborating with strangers (hey DJ, pump it up!), problem-solving on the fly (sewing kit? got it!), and can coach you into all the best poses (chin down…a little more…PERFECT!)

Count on me to...

...listen, honor your vision, and see it through the way you intended. After months of planning, a million micro-decisions, and a mountain of unsolicited advice...wouldn’t it be nice to let loose on your big day and know it’s all handled?

Studio portrait of Jenna in a casual outfit, holding a coffee cup.

"I just felt so excited about my wedding whenever we talked."

I chose Jenna because we booked a venue that was brand new and I expected hiccups, so I wanted to know I had someone on my side helping bring my vision to life. Everything behind the scenes was taken care of so I could be present and in the moment with my husband. All my decor I brought, coordinating with my vendors, coming to me or texting with any questions so I could stay in the bridal suite, Jenna helped to make the day run so smooth. She has such a great energy, too. I just felt so excited about my wedding whenever we talked. 

- Lauren

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